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Nestled in the scenic heart of the Scottish Highlands, Wild Barn Brewery isn't just a place to purchase exceptional beer—it's a story of passion, transition, and community that has grown through the stewardship of three different ownerships. Each can at Wild Barn is steeped in a legacy of craft and character, shaped by those who have nurtured this brewery from its roots to the vibrant establishment it is today.

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The Wild Barn Story

Founded by Simon and Freya, the original visionaries behind Wild Barn Brewery, our establishment was built on a foundation of innovative recipes with a Belgian twist, which remain popular to this day. Their pioneering spirit set the tone for a brewery that was destined to become a staple in the local community and a favorite among visitors seeking a taste of the Highlands.

The torch was then passed to Brian and James, who skillfully navigated the brewery through the challenges of lockdown. Their leadership saw the brewery relocate to Caol, where significant investments were made to enhance our brewing facilities, setting the stage for a future as rich as our brews.


My Mission

Today, as the third owner and one of the few female brewers in the industry, I am proud to continue the legacy of excellence and innovation at Wild Barn Brewery. We are committed to crafting beers that respect our heritage while embracing sustainable practices that protect the natural beauty of our surroundings. Our mission is simple: to brew outstanding beers that bring people together and celebrate the spirit of the Highlands.

Join Me

Step into Wild Barn Brewery and experience a place where history and modern craft meet. Enjoy the legacy of Simon and Freya's recipes, the resilience brought by Brian and James, and the ongoing commitment to innovation and community. Whether you're sampling our latest batch or touring our facilities, every visit is an invitation to be part of our continuing story

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