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The story of Wild Barn Brewery: A toast to tradition

Updated: Apr 22

Wild Barn Brewery is a symbol of craft, community and continuity, nestled in the stunning backdrop of the Scottish Highlands. In this post, I explore the rich tapestry of the brewery's history and celebrate the visionaries who have shaped its present and future.

Karen standing next to the fermenter

Simon and Freya's Belgian Influence: The Foundational Years

The story of Wild Barn Brewery began with Simon and Freya, a visionary couple whose passion for craft beer led them to establish the brewery in the rugged beauty of the Highlands. 

The distinctive character of local ingredients was combined with rich, complex flavours inspired by Belgian brewing traditions. A strong foundation for the brewery's future was laid by the artisanal quality and Belgian twist of these  foundational brews.

Brian and James at the Helm of Navigating Change

The rise in popularity of Wild Barn Brewery brought its fair share of challenges. Brian and James stepped in when Simon and Freya decided to pass on the mantle, bringing their own strengths during a critical period. Their tenure was marked by resilience and innovation, especially through the times of lockdown. They invested in advanced brewing equipment to make the operation more sustainable. The brewery's continued growth and relevance in a changing world were ensured by their efforts.

A new chapter starts

Today, I am proud to carry forward the legacy of Wild Barn Brewery as its third owner and one of the few female brewers in the industry. My journey into brewing was fuelled by a fascination with the alchemy of hops, malts, and yeast, and a deep respect for the craft honed by Simon, Freya, Brian, and James. As I took the reins, my mission was clear: to innovate while honouring the traditions that made Wild Barn what it is today. I continue to focus on sustainability and innovation. I am constantly exploring new brewing techniques and looking to expand the range of beers, ensuring that every pint served embodies the spirit of the Highlands. My commitment to the community and the environment remains stronger than ever, as I strive to make Wild Barn Brewery a name synonymous with quality craft beer.

Join Me on This Flavourful Journey

Every visit to Wild Barn Brewery is an invitation to experience our heritage and our future. From the legacy of Simon and Freya's Belgian-inspired brews to the resilience shown by Brian and James, and now, to my ongoing commitment to innovation and community—you're part of this journey. I invite you to join me at the brewery, where history meets innovation in every sip.

As I look to the future, I remain committed to crafting not just great beers, but great moments. At Wild Barn Brewery, every batch tells a story, and every pour is an invitation to join in the ongoing celebration of craft beer. Whether you're a longtime fan or a new visitor, I hope you'll share in the rich, evolving narrative of Wild Barn Brewery.

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